Special Collection

International Organization Literature

The Library has been one of the depository libraries of World Bank and IMF since mid-1980s and 2005 respectively.

Please go to the International Organizations Literature Center (Rm. C611, 6/F) for reading.


Top 500 Chinese Enterprises Literature

The Library has been continuously collecting various types of literature from Top 500 domestic enterprises including news, ranking list, industry reports, research papers, etc..

Publications including Baosteel Technology, Baosteel Intelligence, World Iron & Steel, Baosteel Technical Research, Shanghai Auto are respectively donated from Baosteel Group and SAIC Motor.

Please go to the Special Collection Department (Rm. C610, 6/F) for reading.


Rare & antique books

The Library has thousands volumes of photocopied versions of the precious Chinese literature as below:

·Chinese classic works of ancient dynasties

·Selective literature of Modern China(1911-1949)

Please go to the Rare Archives Room (Rm. C212, 2/F) for reading.

Important Notes:

·All the literature mentioned above is for reading only. And photocopying is permitted during service hours.

·Opening hours see also Hours.