User Education

The library offers various training sessions to help students and staff improve their information research skills.

·Freshmen Orientation

A brief overview of the various Library collections and services will be covered. (Duration: 1 hour, including a session in classroom and a library tour)

You are also encouraged to take the online Library Quick Start Guide to equip yourself with the basic library and information skills essential to your studies.

·Literature Research Skills workshops

The Workshops will help you learn how to identify, locate, and use information resources effectively and ethically, and how to write and publish a high-quality research paper. (Duration: 1 hour)

·Training Sessions for databases

The training sessions will help you learn how to effectively use the subscribed databases of various types.

·Tailored Training Session

The tailored training sessions, which is reversed by the teacher, will be embedded into specific course or subject to help students learn how to effectively use library collection and services to support their learning and research activities.

·Publicly selected course (credited)

Undergraduates could also choose the publicly selected course offered by the Library to systematically learn how to effectively use a variety of information resources.

For upcoming library sessions/activities, please visit the Library Calendar.

Any inquiry, please contact the User Services Department via email , or by phone at 86-21-6590 3451 / 4547.